Variation Theme Override

For eBay, Walmart, and Shopify, StoreAutomator has a feature that allows you to override the variation themes. As a result, you can send different variation types and options to your marketplaces.

Please note that since variation themes are inherited from the parent SKUs, you must override them for the Parent SKUs.

Manual Entry

  • Go Channel>Channel Products
  • Click edit to the Parent SKU within the channel. 
  • Scroll down to Variation Theme Override
  • Hit the bar and select the custom fields for your channel variation themes. 


  • Click “Save & Close” button.
  • Select the parent and all its variants, send product data update and sync the channel from the top left.



Uploading via Bulk File

This process can be completed via bulk file as below screenshot. 

You need two columns,

  • XXXX.channelproduct.sku : Under this column, you have to put the parent skus that you would like to override the variation theme. You must make sure that channel id number which is shown as XXXX is correctly typed and it can be found by hovering over the sync button near the channel name.
  • variation_theme: You will enter the custom field that you would like to send to the channel as variation types. You just need to separate the fields by comma like in the screenshot above.

After you enter all the information, you need to upload the file by clicking the upper arrow icon on the top right of the screen. Another box will pop up that you will drop the file here. Click “Close” after dropping the file. 



After this, you can go Tools>Import History and check whether it has been uploaded successfully under the My Imports tab and also you can make some spot check within the channel products. 


And then, you will select the parent and all its variants, send product data update and sync the channel from the top left which is the same with manual entry.

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