How to Resolve Belk NRF Color Code Error

How to resolve Belk NRF Color Code Error

Error: 2006|The attribute 'nrfColorCode' (NRF Color Code) is not in the possible values set in the value list

To fix this error, your data for the “NRF Color Code” field should be one of the options listed in the Products and Offers Excel file provided by Belk.

You can obtain the Products and Offers excel template by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the “My Inventory” tab in your Belk account and click on the “Import from File” option.
  2. On the new window, click on the “Excel Template” under the Products and Offers title located on the right-side navigation bar.

  1. Under Select the categories title, type your category name in the search bar and select one of the last-leaf sub-categories. The screenshot below is showing indoor curtains as an example category.

  1. Click on “Generate Template
  2. Click on “Download” to download your excel template to your device.

  1.  Open the Excel file and navigate to the “Reference Data” tab to see all the possible options for the required fields. The NRF Color Code list is shown in the screenshot below for the Indoor Curtain category example.

This list shows you the acceptable color names that you can choose from, however, you can not use the color name for this field. Instead, you need to find the corresponding Color Code and use it for your product. Check this article to find the matching Color Codes for your colors.

After finding your Color Codes, you need to update your products’ data with them either by using a new custom field specifically for the NRF Color Code or by setting up replacement values for the NRF Color Code field. Check this article to learn how to do replacement for your data.

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