Field Mapping: use the Replacements function to fix errors in bulk

If the data for a specific field does not match the list of valid values for one of the channels, you can apply replacements to that specific field in your template without changing your original data at the Inventory level. For example, if you already have data for the size field and the channel you’re integrating with required different values, then your options are to either create a new custom field with valid data or add replacements to your existing data to match the channel’s requirements. 

To set up replacements, go to the template you want to change and click on the edit button. Edit the field you want to search and replace  and click on the Replacements tab. From the “Replace Map” menu, select the “Inline” option, this will enable the replacements feature for you and will allow you to add as many replacements as you need.


For example, let’s add a color replacement of “blue” to the original color of “Navy”. To do so, click on the “Add New” button on the lower right corner. On the left side text field, type the color value exactly how you have it in your data and type what you want to replace it with on the right side text field. Make sure the “Free Text” option is chosen and click “Ok” to save. 


There are three options on that menu in the middle:

- Auto: This option is used when you need to use a dynamic replacement such as a custom field. When you click on the empty space of the text field, the system will automatically suggest field names for you to use.


- Manual: This option is also used for dynamic replacements in addition to using formulas and functions. See two examples below:




- Free text is used when you want to convert to a specific value. For example replacing the color “Navy” with “blue”.


Match Behavior:

Click here to learn more about the two options of Match behavior and which one you should be choosing. 

Match Case & Match Whole word:

You can also find two options next to your text field which help with filtering your search:


  1.       Mach case:  is used to match cases like lower and upper cases. For example, if you type the word “Blue”, the system will search only for the word blue that has the B letter as capital and will ignore the rest of the cases.
  2.       Match whole word: the search result of using this tool will list the selected word written in any case or font and make the replacement.


Regex ,Normal & Extended Replacement Options

These options can be found on a menu located on the right side of the text field where you put the value that needs to be replaced. Click here to learn more about how to use these options. 

Regex, Normal & Extended Replacement



Saving your replacements

If you added multiple replacements and wanted to use the same set for another template, you can save the template by clicking on the “Promote” button. Type a name for your replacements and choose “Free Text” and save.



The name of the replacements you just saved will appear as one of the options of the “Replace Map” menu so you can use it for any other template.

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