Variant Creation on Shopify

There are certain restrictions when you list variant products on Shopify. When you are creating variants on Shopify, you need to consider the limitations before variation creation. 

When creating variants on Shopify there are certain restrictions you need to be aware  of. These are:

  • You can create 100 variants in total and merge under the parent product. 
  • Each product can have 3 options which can be different from product to product. You can upgrade variant limits and option limits by using a third-party tool from Shopify App Store.
  • You can add a maximum of 1000 variants in one day. If you exceed this limit, you will get an error message telling you to wait 24 hours before creating a new variant. Upgraded Shopify stores are exempt from this limitation.
  • You can use metafields by using custom fields to detail your variant pages.

For additional information about variation creation on StoreAutomator, please check the article below.

Adding a New Child Variant Under Existing Parent

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