Currency Exchange Rates on StoreAutomator

Our Currency Exchange feature allows you to automatically set your international prices based on current rates. You can see the current list of supported currencies and exchange rates by navigating to Setting> Currency Exchange. You can read this table as 1 unit of your base currency equals to the given amount of the listed currency. In the example below the unit currency is in USD, and all the values equals to 1 dollar amount.

AED UAE-Dirham

AUD Australia Dollar

BRL Brazil Real

CAD Canada Dollar

CHF Switzerland Franc

CNY China Yuan Renminbi

EGP Egypt Pound

EUR Euro Member Countries

GBP United Kingdom Pound

HKD Hong Kong Dollar

INR India Rupee

JPY Japan Yen

MXN Mexico Peso

QAR Qatar Riyal

RUB Russia Ruble

SAR Saudi Arabia Riyal

SGD Singapore Dollar

TRY Turkish Lira

USD United States Dollar

XAG Silver Ounce

XAU Gold Ounce


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