Global Settings, Notifications Settings

You can access these settings by going to Settings>Global>Notifications Settings - screenshot below.

From this tab, you can assign different emails for various events. If there are any changes or updates for those events, you will receive an email from SA.

There are four tabs on this page, each with its own different Event and you may add multiple email addresses against each event. 

1- Sales Orders Notifications: 

You can set notifications for sales orders, unshipped sales orders and backorders from this tab. 

2- Purchase Orders Notifications:

You can set multiple emails for unshipped purchase orders from this tab.

3- Inventory Specific Notifications:

You can set multiple emails for inventory warning level notifications from this tab.

4- Import Notifications:

You can set multiple emails for import notifications from this tab.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to use commas or semicolons between each email address e.g.;, etc. .

IMPORTANT NOTE: These settings will be applied for all channels.

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