How to Solve Shopify Listing Error 400 invalid request

This Shopify error code is usually because you are trying to list a lot of products at once or because you have lots of images attached to each product. 


You can try to solve this issue by gradually creating products by excluding and reincluding to the channel. With this, products will be deleted on Shopify and created with the data in StoreAutomator.

Here are the steps:

1. Select the related products and exclude from “Three Dot Icon>Inclusion Status>Exclude”


2. Sync the channel from the top left.


3. When the process ends, you will be notified from the “Notifications”.

4. Use the same directions but this time to “Include” the related products.

5. Sync the channel again.

You can refer to the article below about inclusion/exclusion actions.

Include/Exclude Products on a Specific Channel

If the issue persists:

You can try to attach image labels for some of the images and exclude those image labels for your Shopify channel. With this, your labeled images won’t be sent to the Shopify after creation. 

You can use the article below to get detailed information about labeling images.

Image Labels

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