How to Delete Single Products on Shopify if Products Created as Variants in StoreAutomator

If you’ve changed single products to variants in StoreAutomator, you need to delete the single products manually in the Spotify platform first in order to list the variants properly on your Shopify store. Normally, you need to delete them manually from your Shopify store even though you’ve already changed them into variants in StoreAutomator. 

However, the switch added to the “Shopify Channel Specific Settings” area means that you can now delete them directly from within StoreAutomator. All you need to do is enable this switch on StoreAutomator and then delete and recreate the related products.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- After selecting your Shopify channel, enable the “Delete single items on Shopify if it's created as child in SA” switch from Channel Settings>Shopify Settings.


2- Select the related products and exclude them from the channel.


3- Sync the Channel from the top right. You will be notified when the process ends.


4- When the feed is resolved, include the products into the channel and sync the channel again.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Before syncing the channel, include or exclude the parent product as well as the variant product. Otherwise, the system won’t delete the single product on Shopify which turned into a variant on StoreAutomator.

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