Shopify Inventory Mapping

This feature allows you to display SKU quantities that are present in all of your warehouses on your Shopify storefront. For example, for SKU A you have 10 items in warehouse A and 20 items in warehouse B, with help of this feature you can either send a total number of 30, or a breakdown of quantities for each warehouse, to your Shopify storefront.


This feature is located in Shopify Channel> Channel Settings>API connection:


The 1st option is “Use combine quantity” which sends the total inventory quantity across all warehouses to the Shopify storefront. Using the example above, this would be a quantify of 30.


If you select this option, you will be able to select only one inventory location which will combine all your warehouses inventories.


The 2nd option is “Use warehouse mapping” which maps each warehouse in StoreAutomator and their quantities to the Shopify storefront; this way you can see the breakdown of quantities for each warehouse for that SKU. Thus, the item quantities will be sent to Shopify locations according to the warehouse mapped. 


After selecting the 2nd option, all your warehouses will be listed as the screenshot below.


For the next step, Shopify Inventory location will be mapped to your warehouses


After you have set up your mappings, please click the “Save” button to save the changes that you made.


If there are multiple warehouses and multiple Shopify locations, you can select this option to manage your inventory which product is in which warehouse and Shopify locations.

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