How to Send Shopify Tags to Shopify

You can send tags to Shopify by adding the related field into the template. Tags are important because they help make  your listings easier to find by customers when they are searching for products. Customers can’t see the tags, but you can use tags to categorize products on your Shopify store and organize search results for customers.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Find and edit your Shopify template from “Settings>Templates”.


2- Click the “Add Field” button.


3- Find and click “product.tags”.


4- Map the target field to the “Search Terms” source field or the related custom field that you want to provide tags.


You can also use more than one field and combine them for the Shopify tags. If you have a custom field that contains Shopify tags as well as search terms, you can combine them as comma separated values and send them to the Shopify channel. Instead of using only search terms which contain the tags, you can combine it with tags custom fields and merge them by using a certain output format.


5- Save the template.

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