Shopify Specific Settings, Reference Order Number Source Feature

This switch is located at Channel>Channel Settings>Shopify Settings tab.

You can choose which Shopify reference order number source is most suitable for your business. There are three to choose from: Order Number, Name and Number.

Order Number starts at 1001 and it is sequential. Is a count of orders but gives the impression of a more business-like order number.

Name - this is generated by combining the order number property with the order prefix and suffix that are set in the merchant’s general settings. 


Prefix: “ORD”, Order Numbers starts with:1001—In this case, your order ID will be look like “ORD1001”

Suffix: Order Numbers starts with:1001,”ORD”---In this case, your order ID  will be look  like “1001ORD”

Number starts at 1 and is sequential. This is the order’s position in the count of Shopify’s counts of orders. 

This is useful when you want to get reference orders in a specific type. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: This setting will be applied for all products in related Shopify Channel.

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