Manage Your Account Settings

You can set up your StoreAutomator account and change settings, add users, change subscription, and see invoices from StoreAutomator

Go to: Menu > Settings > Account.


You can add users to StoreAutomator users in this menu. Users will have access to the system depending on their user level (Low and Normal User). The home screen shows a list of active users in your account. To add users click on the “Add User” button and a new dialog box is opened to collect information regarding the new user.

User Name is the user name the user will use to log on to the app, along with the password,

Email, this will be associated with this account, needed for password setting,

First and Last Name, is the user’s first and last name

User Level, there are 2 options: Low level and Normal User

Password is a random computer-generated password. If you want the users to create their own passwords just click on the “User will create the password” and click on the “Create” button, and the system will take you back to the list of users.

The list page, have the users active on your account, you can click on the edit button to edit the user information or the delete button to delete the user.


This is a list of invoices sent to you for your subscription. You can download and view your invoices.


This is your subscription summary which shows your plan type and your current usage, number of users, channels, items, and orders. You can upgrade your plan by clicking on “Change Plan” or cancel Subscription by clicking on the “Cancel Account” button.

Change Plan button will take you to the StoreAutomator pricing table, where you can view new plans and switch your plan according to your needs. Choose your new plan and click on the “Purchase” button to immediately activate your new plan.

If you are already on a paid plan and would like to upgrade, simply click on the “Upgrade Plan” button which will take you to the StoreAutomator pricing table, where you can view other plans and change to a plan which best suits your needs. Choose your new plan and click on the “Purchase” button to immediately activate your new plan.

Upgrading your plan will not change your billing date and the dollar amount we will credit your unused days of the old plan back to you and charge progressive days for the new plan till the billing date. E.g. your billing date is the 1st of the month, and you changed your plan on the 15th on the next billing date (1st of the next month) we will charge your old plan’s rate for the first 15 days, and the new plan’s rate for the rest of the month.

Cancel Account will stop all app functions immediately and cancel your account with at StoreAutomator. Clicking on this button will open a new dialog box, which will guide you through the cancellation process.

Canceling your account will require you to do the following:

1. Click on the checkbox “Yes, I am sure I want to cancel my account”,

2. Provide a reason for cancellation or other comments if you have, and

3. Click on the button “Cancel Account”.

Canceling your account will immediately delete your inventory information, your channel data, or your orders stored in our servers, please back up all your information before canceling your account.

Payment Info

In this tab, you can view the payment methods you have set up for your account. If you don’t have a payment method set up yet, click on the “Add a Payment Method” button, which will bring the credit card information screen where you can fill in all the required information. When you are done click on the “Create” button to save your information. This process will only save your payment method and will not charge your credit card.

If you have an existing credit card in our system and would like to change your Credit Card information simply click on the “Change Payment Method” button to provide new credit card information and click on the “Change” button.

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