Manually and bulk adding products to StoreAutomator

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to manually add a product to your StoreAutomator account as well as how to add them in bulk.


Whether you want to add a single product or upload a large number of products at once, StoreAutomator conveniently provides both options to streamline your product information management.


Adding a Product Manually

  1. Accessing the Inventory section

    • From your StoreAutomator dashboard, locate Inventory on the left side of the screen and lick on the small plus (+) sign next to "Inventory" to expand the menu.
    • Select "Products" from the expanded menu.
  2. Adding a Single Product

    • In the top right corner, under your name, click "Add Product"
    • Choose the parentage type, Single, in this example
    • Select the product type, Normal in the video. We will explain Kits in a separate video.
  3. Provide Product Information

    • Product ID. Enter ASIN, UPC, GTIN or other unique identifier
    • Brand. Enter the brand name of the product e.g. ACME
    • Name. Give your product a name e.g. ACME feather
    • SKU. Choose between automatic or manual SKU generation
    • Price. Set the price for the product
    • Quantity. Specify the number of products in stock
  4. Saving the Product

    • Click "Create" to add the product to your StoreAutomator account and the newly added product will appear its details.

Bulk Adding Products

  1. Preparing the file for upload/import

    • Organize your product data in a CSV or XLS file
    • Be sure to include at a minimum, the required fields - SKU, title, description, brand name, and price
    • Additional optional fields should also be added if required
  2. Uploading the File

    • Access the "Tools" section on the left side of the screen
    • Click on the wrench icon and select "Import"
    • Choose "Import from File"
    • Click "Upload" and select your prepared file; wait for the progress bar to reach 100% indicating that StoreAutomator has successfully received the file and will start processing it
  3. Monitoring the Progress

    • To track the file processing, go back to the Inventory section and select "Products". Here you can see the progress of the imported products
    • Once processing is complete, you will receive a notification on the bell icon in the top right of your screen

By following the instructions in this article, you can easily add products to your StoreAutomator account. Whether you prefer to add products manually or utilize the bulk upload feature, StoreAutomator provides efficient tools for managing your inventory.

For any additional assistance or inquiries, feel free to contact StoreAutomator support.

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