Mapping Product Categories on eBay

Matt from our Customer Success Team explains how to map your categories to the eBay channel:

1. Check your categories

You can find these by navigating to "Inventory", expanding the options and selecting "Categories". Here you can double-click the category tree to show your subcategories and you can also expand further to view your full child categories - these are what can be mapped.

2. Select the eBay channel

Navigate to the "All Channels" section and click on the eBay channel, and select "eBay USA" to enter the channel settings. In the eBay channel settings, expand the channel options and select "Mappings." On the left are the local categories, and on the right are eBay categories. Green folders indicate fully mapped categories (no action is required for these), while blue folders represent unmapped categories.

3. Map your unmapped categories

Here you are going to find a suitable eBay category ("Bath and Body" under "Health and Beauty in the example shown in the video) then click and drag the local category from the left and drop it onto the eBay category on the right to map them. The resulting two-way arrow ­čöüindicates a successful mapping.

4. Adjusting mappings

If a category is accidentally mapped to the wrong eBay category, hover over the two-way arrow, which turns into a red X. Clicking the X will unmap the category. To remap, users can click, drag, and drop the category again (see Step 3 above).

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