Adding Products in StoreAutomator

Matt from our StoreAutomator Customer Success Team explains the 5 different ways to add products to a StoreAutomator account:



1. Manually Adding a Product

Navigate to the "Inventory" section, select "Products," and click on "Add Product" in the top right corner. Choose a parentage and any other relevant options then click "Create". This method is great for quickly adding a single product.


2. Bulk Adding Products

Users can go to the "Tools" section, select "Import," and choose "From File". Then select the Inventory Product Data Import file; you can refer to the provided help page to see the available fields that are available. This method is recommended when importing a large amount of data, especially when migrating from another channel management solution.


3. Adding Products via StoreAutomator API

check out to access the necessary information for establishing an API connection and adding products. Specific instructions for adding products through APIs can be found under the "Products" tab.


4. Adding Products by Syncing a Channel

Select a channel e.g. Amazon and navigate to the Channel Product page where you can import from your Amazon store. This syncs product from the channel to StoreAutomator. Please note that you will inherit Amazon's data structures, which may not be compatible with other channels. We recommended you create your own, separate data structure and then mapped to the various channels from that.


5. Adding Products via DX (Data eXchange) Channel

Users can access the DX channel option under "Tools" > "Import" > "DX Channel" and add a DX channel. We offer a variety of different DX channels that can be added. One that is commonly used for this type of work is FTP (File Transfer Protocol), where you would set up an FTP server and regularly drop files containing any new product data into it. StoreAutomator then retrieves the file from the FTP server on a regular basis and adds the new products to the platform.

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