Creating a Walmart Template in StoreAutomator

Matt from the StoreAutomator Customer Success Teasm is here to guide you through the process of creating a Walmart template.

  • Navigate to your Settings.
  • Click on "Templates"
  • Select "Add Template" located at the top-right, just below your name.
  • Select Walmart
  • Choose the relevant category e.g. "Beauty, Personal Care, and Hygiene." and provide a name for your template, such as "Walmart Makeup" and click "Create"
  • After creating the template, proceed to edit it. The goal is to map the fields Walmart requires to the corresponding fields in your StoreAutomator data.
  • Click "Add Field" to start mapping Walmart target fields. A list of Walmart fields will be displayed, marked with red dots for required fields.
  • Begin mapping one field at a time e.g. to mapping the "Orderable SKU". Select the field on the Walmart side (e.g., Orderable SKU) find the corresponding field in Store Automator (e.g., SKU) and map it. For optional fields, mapping is not mandatory. If irrelevant, feel free to skip and delete the unnecessary mappings.
  • Once all required fields are mapped, click "Save."
  • Review the mapped fields and ensure all necessary information is accounted for.

Congratulations! You've successfully created a Walmart template in StoreAutomator, streamlining the process of listing new items on your Walmart channel.

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