3 Ways to Include a Product to a Channel in StoreAutomator

Matt from our StoreAutomator Customer Success Team explains 3 ways to include a product to a channel in StoreAutomator.


1. Include a product one at a time manually from the channel

The first method involves adding products to a channel one at a time manually. Here are the steps:

Verify Inventory

Ensure that the products you want to include are already in your inventory. Navigate to "Inventory" and then "Products" to confirm. Provided inventory/products are available - proceed to the next step.

Select the Channel and Add the Product(s)

Choose the specific channel you're interested in, such as Amazon. After selecting Amazon (or another channel) go to "Channel Products," and identify products not yet included. Manually include a product by clicking on the exclusion status, selecting "Include," and confirming the action.

You can include or exclude multiple items simultaneously using the three dots in the middle of the screen. This method provides flexibility for managing your products efficiently.


2. Bulk inclusion via the channel manually

The second method allows you to bulk include products directly through the channel:

Select the desired channel, for example, Amazon. Navigate to "Channel Products," identify products not in the channel, and use the bulk inclusion option to include multiple products at once.


3. Bulk Inclusion via CSV Upload

For larger-scale operations, you can use the third method to include products by uploading a CSV file:

  • Identify the channel of interest and note its channel ID by hovering over the sync button.
  • Prepare a CSV file with two columns: "channelID.channelinclusions.SKU" and "Inclusion".
  • List the SKUs you want to include or exclude, indicating the action (include/exclude) for each.
  • Upload CSV: navigate to "Tools" in StoreAutomator, go to "Import," select "From File," and upload your prepared CSV file. The system will process the file, and you'll receive a confirmation notification.


Bonus: Bulk Including to Multiple Channels via CSV

If you need to include products in multiple channels simultaneously, follow these steps:

  • Choose the channels. Select the channels you want to upload to
  • Create CSV file. Prepare a CSV file with three columns: "0.channelinclusions.sku", "channel_name," and "Inclusion".
  • List the SKUs, channel names, and specify the inclusion status for each product.
  • Upload CSV. Use the same process as before to upload the CSV file via "Tools" and "Import.".

The products will be added to the selected channels.




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