How to List Products on Kohl's

How to Create Listings Step by Step into Kohl's Channel

Step by Step: How to Create Listings in Kohl's Channel:

1- Add and connect a Kohl's channel in StoreAutomator:

To add a Kohl's channel, go to All Channels and click on “Manage Your Channels”. On the new window, click on “Add Channel” and select Kohl's icon.

Enter a name for your Kohl's channel and choose your currency and language then click “+Create”.

2- Include your products into the new Kohl's channel you just created.

You can either include items in bulk or individually. To include an item or multiple ones, go to your Kohl's channel, then from the Status dropdown menu, choose the option “Not in channel”. Select the items you want to include in the Kohl's channel and click on the three dots menu. Select the “Inclusion Status” option and click on “Include”. You can also include products in bulk,  click here for more information.

3- Do Sku Override to your channel items: Kohl's channel has a different feed from any other channel and it requires the StoreAutomator system to communicate through the Product ID instead of SKUs. Therefore, you need to select all of your channel items, click on Export>Export Overrides>Custom Overrides>Sku override and click Export. Download the file you just prepared and fill out the SKU override field with the items product ids. Save and reupload to SA. 

4- Create a Kohl's template

A Kohl's template is a tool that helps you map your current data to the corresponding channel required fields. You will need to create a template for each of your categories since each category has different requirements.

To create a template, follow the steps below:

a)      Log in to your StoreAutomator account and go to Settings>Templates.

b)      Click on the “Add Template” button on the right upper corner.

c)      On the new window, click on the Kohl's icon and type a name for the template

d)      Choose the “Flat” option for the Feed Type and “Category” for Specific Feed Type.

e)      Click “+Create”.

Click here to learn how to finish setting up your Kohl's template.

5- Map your template’s fields: Click here to learn more about how to map your template’s required fields. 

6- Create one Quantity template. Go to Settings>Templates and add a template. Choose “Quantity” as your specific Feed Type and click “+Create”. The StoreAutomator team will assist you with mapping the required fields for this template. 

7- Create one Price template. Go to Settings>Templates and add a template. Choose “Price” as your specific Feed Type and click “+Create”. The StoreAutomator team will assist you with mapping the required fields for this template. Please contact the support team to set up a price and quantity template for Kohl’s channel.

8- Check the Channel Settings: Go to Channel>Channel settings>Mirakl settings and make sure to choose the correct category source for your products. Since you created a template for each of your categories, the recommended option to choose is “ Use the category in the category template”. For Product Data File Format, you should select “Excel (Xlsx)”.

9-Check the channel’s common settings. Go to Channel>Channel Settings>Common and make sure to go over all the settings tabs. Click here for more information on each setting.

10- Complete the channel mappings: 

  • Go to Channel>Mappings> Categories, and map all your local categories located on the left side of the screen by dragging and dropping each category to the remote categories on the right side of the screen.

  • Go to Channel>Mappings>Templates and map each of your categories to the corresponding template. 


11- Check the Channel Products and make sure the quantity and price are accurate.

12- Sync the channel. Turn on the Sync switch under the Channel settings>Common>General tab after confirming that prices, quantities, product data are accurate. Click on the sync button located on the left side corner next to the channel name.

13- Check your Kohl's store and make sure products are successfully created there.

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