How to Set Up a Kohls (Mirakl) Template

How to Set Up a Kohls (Mirakl) Template

A template needs to be set up for each category. To do that, you need to follow the steps below:

1- Log in to the Kohl's account using this link: 

2- In the Kohl's account, hover over the “My Inventory” menu at the top of the page and click on the third option, which is “Import from file”.

3- Under the Import a File tab, click on Excel Template for Products as shown below.

4- Under “Select a file template to download” choose “Products

5- Type your category name in the search bar under the “Select the categories” title. When you see the category you’re searching for, check the box next to it and click “Generate template”. Make sure it says one category selected to avoid mixing up more than one category when generating your file.

6- Download the generated template and repeat steps 1-6 for each category that you intend to sell on Kohls.

7- Now login to StoreAutomator and go to the StoreAutomator dashboard > Settings > Templates > Add template

8- Select the Kohls template icon shown below

9- Select the “Category” option, type a name for your template and click “+Create

10- After saving, click on the edit button, go to the third tab which is titled “Mirakl Category Template Source File” and upload the template file that you previously downloaded in step 6 above. After the file is uploaded, you will see all the fields automatically generated under the Field mapping tab.

11- Go to the “Field Mapping” tab and start mapping your fields. Click here to learn more about how to map Kohls template fields.

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