How to Solve Bed Bath & Beyond Error Code 2006

How to Solve Bed Bath & Beyond Error Code 2006

Error Code 2006: “The attribute “COLORGROUP” (Colo Group) is not in the possible values set in the value set”

This error indicates that you used an invalid data for the required field of the color group in your template.



Data for the color group field needs to be within the possible options list located under the reference data tab of the source file which can be downloaded from the Bed Bath & Beyond account. Below is an example of a list of valid options for the “Shower Curtains” category.


Please note that this field only accepts lower case letters when entering data into your BBB templates in StoreAutomator. If you don’t already have your data for that field set up to all lower case letters, you can use a formula to do that and match the BBB requirement.

Go to Settings>Templates and locate your BBB template. Edit the Colorgroup field and use the formula below to convert your data values to lowercase letters. You can put the name of your custom field instead of “bbb-color” as this is just an example


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