How to map Bed Bath & Beyond template fields

To successfully map all the BBB template fields, you need to adhere to their rules and map all of the required fields. Depending on the error type you get (if any), additional “optional'' fields might need to be mapped as well.

Let’s choose a “Shower Curtain” category as an example to explain how to map those template fields. 

The screenshot below is showing the fields after uploading the category template source file. Click here to learn how to download the category template file. Bed Bath & Beyond Template Setup


  • To start the mapping process, open the category template file and click on the “Columns” sheet. In this sheet you can see all the required fields that need to be mapped.


  • It is very important to make sure that your product data file has the correct values for the required fields. You can see the list of the BBB acceptable values on the second sheet (ReferenceData) of their products and offers file for that specific category. 



Important Note: To map the fields correctly, make sure to use the Code and not the Label from each of the values in the value lists.


After mapping all the fields, click “Save and Close”.

Do the same steps for all other templates that you created for each category.

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