How to Fix Variant Type is not Correct Error for Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) “Variant Type Is Not Correct” Error:

Product variants are the variations of a product such as the size and color of an item. 

In order to create a product variant, the item must have a “Variant Group Code '' which is used to group all variants together, a swatch image, as well as a valid value for at least one variant attribute such as color and size. If one of these attributes are missing, then you will get the “variant type is not correct” error. 

If you are using the Mirakl API integration, then you need to use the PM11 API to obtain the list of attributes and their valid codes to help you with template creation. 

The ROLLUPTYPE field in every category template, is a field that defines variation options. First you need to map the field correctly telling the system to skip this field if the item is single. If the item is not single, then map the field to Option Type as a second source field. 

After mapping the field, you need to click on the replacement tab to add the variation codes as replacements. For example, if your item option type is size, color then you need to replace it with COLORSIZE to be successfully accepted by BBB. The screenshot below is showing an example of the valid codes for size and color variants. 

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