How to resolve Bed Bath & Beyond COLORGRP Error

Error: 2006|The attribute 'COLORGRP' (Color Group) is not in the possible values set in the value list


You can avoid getting this error if the values of the “color group” field are from the list of acceptable values in the products and offers file. The screenshot below is showing an example of the acceptable values of the color group field which is located on the second column of the excel file. 

Click Here to learn about how to download that file. Bed Bath & Beyond Template Setup


If the values are different and do not match the ones that BBB requires, you can modify your product data file by including only acceptable values. 


Another way to resolve this error is to set up replacement values for the color group field. To do that, go to Settings> Templates then choose your template and go to the COLORGRP field and click the Edit button.


Click the second tab, which is called “Replacements” and start adding your values in the left side fields. In the right-side fields, add the acceptable BBB values. Click “Ok” and then save and close the template. 

Example: if you have the color “Transparent” in your data and the acceptable value by BBB is “clear”, you can type “^Transparent$” in the left side field, choose “Free text” from the drop-down menu next to it, and type “clear” in the right-side field. Make sure the acceptable values you enter are all lower-case letters. 


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