Finale Inventory

You can update your quantities in SA from Finale Inventory by using the DxChannel importer - after creating and connecting your Finale Inventory channel in StoreAutomator. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Go to “Settings>Channels” and click “Add Channel” from the top right.


2- Find and select the Finale Inventory, give a name to your channel and click create.


3- Complete and save the API connection settings.


You can close these settings if you want to complete it later. You can complete the API connection settings from “Channel>Channel Settings>API Connection”.


4- Add the “Finale Inventory Product Lookup Report Url” from the “Finale Inventory Specific Settings”.


You can create this report from “Finale Inventory UI > Report: Product lookup list > Export to CSV” from your Finale Inventory account.

Now, you can create a DxChannel to import your quantities from Finale Inventory. You can also set different time periods to update your quantities from the importer.

5- Go to “Tools>DxChannels” and click “Add Dx Channel” from the top right.


6- Select “Import Channel”, name the importer and click create.



7- Click “Settings icon>Import Channel” from the Action tab.


8- Select the source channel for the importer which should be your Finale Inventory channel you’ve created, choose import mode as “Quantity Only” and save the settings.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you didn’t complete the API connection settings for the Finale Inventory channel, you cannot see it in the dropdown. Therefore, please complete the API connection settings before creating the import channel.

9- Click “Data Exchange” from the Action tab.


10- Enable the “Sync Enabled” and “Enable Daily Scheduled” switch to update your quantities daily and click save. After clicking the “Enable Daily Scheduled” switch, you set different time periods to update your quantities more frequently.


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