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This article is about using ShipperHQ together with StoreAutomator’s multidistro inventory functionality. 

ShipperHQ is a solution to create Amazon-style checkout experiences wherever the customers are whether this is an ERPs or ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce etc. 


ShipperHQ uses the field called Shipping Groups in the BigCommerce platform to determine what carriers, shipping rules, delivery time/dates etc may apply in real-time based on the customer fulfillment choices during checkout. 

The Shipping Groups values in ShipperHQ, have to exactly match the Shipping Group names in BigCommerce Product details under Shipping area as shown below.

A hash (#) symbol should be used to separate multiple values.


The shipping groups data field values can be sent and updated through the StoreAutomator-BigCommerce integration using data output templates.

If the multidistro inventory functionality is activated for BigCommerce sales channel in StoreAutomator, SA will automatically calculate the shipping group field value(s) for each product based on the availability matrix defined under the Channel settings Shipping tab.

More on how to set up the inventory availability matrix click this article below.

Setting up Multi-distro Inventory for a Sales Channel and update in realtime.

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