New ShipStation Functionality

ShipStation Integration

The ShipStation API provides two different operating modes in StoreAutomator: Order Forwarding or Dropship Order. 

Before selecting your preferred mode, you need to create a ShipStation account and enter the credentials through StoreAutomator UI. On the left pane, click Settings > Carriers > and click the "Add Account" button on the right.


  1. Setting up "Order Forwarding mode":
  • Open the channel and click Channel Settings > Common and then click the "Order Forwarding tab."
  • Check off the "Enable Order Forwarding" checkbox and then select Order Receiver. If your ShipStation account does not appear in the list, it means that the ShipStation credentials you entered through StoreAutomator are not correct.
  • Select "ShipStation - Web Store" pair - as we need to know which "web store" will be used for order forwarding.
  • Enable the "Get Tracking" switch if you want StoreAutomator to be notified when the order is shipped and receive the tracking number from ShipStation through its API.


Please note that you must use ShipStation Shipment service to ship the items. Otherwise, StoreAutomator will not be notified of shipmens and we will not receive tracking numbers from ShipStation.

An order is downloaded whenever there are changes to the order status. We will update the details in SA and forward the new information to ShipStation.

Order forwarding mode acts like a bridge, it does not have any logic. StoreAutomator downloads the order and forwards it to ShipStation.

  1. Setting up "Dropship Order Mode":
  • Create a "ShipStation” Supplier. (Inventory > Suppliers > "Add Supplier" button.) While adding a supplier, choose "ShipStation" type.


  • Click on the edit icon to edit the supplier, click on the "Settings" tab, and select your ShipStation account as "Order Receiver".


  • If you want to tag your orders to filter out orders on the ShipStation side if, for example, you have multiple physical warehouses and each warehouse staff needs to ship the order items that are assigned to him, click Inventory > Warehouses and edit any warehouses. When you select the ShipStation supplier, it will automatically fetch the order tags from ShipStation. You can then check off any order tags that you want to add.


ShipStation dropship order mode runs over a "ShipStation Supplier". When you assign any warehouses to the ShipStation supplier and when an order item is found in this warehouse depending on your channel preferences, StoreAutomator creates a dropship order, and it forwards it to ShipStation. It also tags the order depending on your warehouse settings.

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