AXIS Integration

AXIS channel implementation supports Quantity Imports and Order Forwarding.

API Connection

The user should complete API Connection settings under the Channel > AXIS Channel > Channel Settings > API Connection to be able to use its functions.


Channel Specific Settings

There are two modes for importing quantities and forwarding orders.

-        Single Store Mode (default)

-        Multi-Supplier Store Mode

The user should select the best option that fits their needs under the Channel > AXIS Channel > Channel Settings > AXIS Settings

Single Store Mode

In this option, the user must type the “Default Store Id“.

With this setting done, we’ll only import quantities from that store, and we’ll forward the orders to that store.


Multi-Supplier Store Mode

With this option selected, the user will see all the suppliers under their account.

When they put “Store Id” for each supplier, the system will automatically start importing quantities for that store and forwarding that supplier’s orders.

The user doesn’t have to put “Store Id” for all stores. In that case, only the supplier with filled information will be processed.

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