How to Download Amazon Reports Through StoreAutomator

You can download reports from Amazon into your Amazon channel in StoreAutomator. These reports are directly downloaded from your Amazon Seller Central. A variety of reports are available including FBA and Sale Diagnostic reports. 

You can access this tab after selecting your Amazon channel by going “Reports>Request Report”. The reports you are looking for are under the Amazon channel tab instead of Global tab. In this tab, you can search the report you need from the search box. Each report has a detailed description about their content. 

After clicking the download button, the file will be downloaded depending on the report type and you will be notified from the notifications center.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Channel specific reports on the “request report” tab can vary depending on the seller grade or brand owner on the Amazon marketplace.

When you click the download button, you can choose to download an “all time” report or a specific time period such as last week, month or year. 


You can also define a custom range by entering specific date and time.


You can track the process from the “Reports>History”. You can observe the process status of the downloaded file.


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