Using Dashboard on Globally

The Dashboard screen allows you to see some of the key metrics for your business and you can choose daily, weekly or monthly views. To see the dashboard for all channels, you must select “All Channel”. 


Alternatively, if you want to see a specific channel dashboard, you can select a specific channel. 

When you are observing on Globally:

1- You can see total orders, profits, and revenue on daily, weekly, monthly or you can use a custom date. You can also download the data.

Example of the date filters that you can use:


By entering a custom date you will be able to see the revenue, orders and profit in a specific time period. This way you can filter the data and observe it more accurately. 



  • The time zone that SA uses is the time zone of your city/country.
  • SA doesn’t include the pending orders in revenue.
  • The taxes aren’t included in revenue.

2- You will also notice that you can see profit, revenue and order indicators which change weekly at the top of the page.


3- You can see the best seller products’ order count, profit, and revenue and you can download the data.


4- You can see aggregate orders for daily, weekly, and monthly and download the data.


5- You can observe the channel performances and download the data as a bulk file.


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