Product Level Analytics

Find out how your products perform in marketplaces in terms of order count, revenue, profit, and many more.

Additional product-level data can be found by opening the drop-down to the right of the information icon and clicking the words ‘Product Info’:


The following 6 data fields can be found at the top of this page:

  • Order Count – How many units of this product have been sold

  • Revenue – Total earnings for all units sold

  • Profit – Total earnings minus cost, equals profit

  • Min. Price – The lowest price this product has sold for

  • Avg. Price – The average price this product has sold for

  • Max Price – The highest price this product has sold for

The first tab is labeled as Sales. It represents the sales data for the time period selected by displaying the Order Count and Revenue/Profit for this product. It offers a view of that data in a daily, weekly, and/or monthly format. The system also provides the ability to download the available data via a download button located just under the tab name on the right side of the screen.

Repricer Status provides an alternate route to locating data related to the Repricer Status. Repricer History provides 4 charts to illustrate fluctuations in the following data over the specified period of time:

  • Competition Prices

  • Item Profit

  • Target Margin

  • Competition Count

Channel Performance provides three (3) pie charts, detailing how much of the Order Count, Revenue, and Profit for this product has come from each active sales channel

The inventory tab provides a quick view of the Inventory levels for this product over the selected period of time


The aggregate tab provides an overview of when this product sells the most/least. Data can be viewed in the form of Daily, Weekly, or Monthly stats:

Product Info contains three (3) tabs of its own. The General tab, the Quantity tab, and the Lifetime tab:

The General tab provides an overview of the basic information for this product.

The Quantity tab provides current stock levels, as well as, the date and time that this product was last in stock and when it was last out of stock

The Lifetime tab provides the date and time that this product was created and when it was last modified. It also shows who created this product in the system.

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