Enable Order Forwarding Switch

This switch is located on the Channel>Channel Settings>Common>Order Forwarding tab. 

Enabling this switch will forward all orders that are received from the channel to other applications or your Shopify store. You can select the who will receive the orders from the drop-down “Orders Receivers” menu, as shown in the screenshot below. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use this option with caution as it will forward all orders to this merchant for fulfillment.


You can find the list of the Order Receivers that you have already set up by navigating to the Settings>Carrier tab. 

You can also ask the merchants for their tracking numbers by checking the “Get Tracking” switch.

The “Remote Order Id Source” drop-down is used to select your preferred order ID source. You can selecting one of the following options:

“Default” - 

“Source Order ID”  - An Order ID is the unique number associated with every order placed from the marketplace. This is the number you'll use to reference a specific purchase.

“Reference Order Number” - The Reference Order Number is the order number generated in your shopping platform.

You may choose to use this because:

  • You don’t have a warehouse of your own and fulfilling orders through other merchants
  • You use other software to fulfill your orders from your own warehouse

You can also not send tax amounts to the merchant or get tracking by activating the related switches. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The below switches will be opened if you enable the Enable Order Forwarding switch.

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