Connect a ShippingEasy® Account

Connect a ShippingEasy® Account

Shipping Easy® is a multi-carrier shipping solution company for eCommerce retailers. They make it easy to ship a package, by creating shipping labels, arranging pickups. They help you get the cheapest rate from competing carriers.

StoreAutomator partnered with Shipping Easy® to provide you with an instant and cheapest shipping rate. You can create a shipping label, get a tracking number, and send it to the sales channels to complete the fulfillment process.

In order to forward your orders to Shipping Easy®, you need to create a ShippingEasy® connection.

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Carriers,

  2. Switch to the accounts tab,

  3. Click the Add Account button on the upper right corner,

  4. Choose the carrier type as Shipping Easy®, then click Next,

  5. Enter the necessary information for the Shipping Easy® account,

  6. Click the create button.

Connect Shipping Easy® to your channel as an order forwarding target. Once your carrier account is ready and connected, then you can enable order forwarding from your channel to Shipping Easy®. For example, you would like to set up order forwarding for the Amazon channel:

  1. Switch to Amazon channel as your active channel,

  2. Go to Menu > Amazon Channel > Settings > Common and click on Orders Tab

  3. Check “Enable Order Forwarding”,

  4. Choose your Shipping Easy® store from the Order Receivers list,

  5. Check the “Get Tracking” checkbox you process your orders on Shipping Easy® and want StoreAutomator to collect order tracking information.

  6. Click the Save button on the lower right corner.

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