Create a Facebook Feed

Send product data feeds to Facebook. Create a Facebook Product Catalog from any master channel.

Facebook feeds are generic feeds that can be created from any channel. You can create a Facebook feed from Shopping carts, e.g., Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento channels.


1. First, you need to create a Subchannel in “Facebook” format under the Master Channel; for example, you want to create a Facebook Feed from your BigCommerce channel:

  1. Go to: Menu > Settings > Channels,

  2. Find BigCommerce; Click on “Plus” Sign towards the right-hand side of the screen under Actions column,

  3. In the dialog box click on the Facebook feed button, and provide a name for the subchannel,

  4. This will create a Facebook Feed (also known as Facebook Product Catalog) from all your products in that BigCommerce channel.


2. Now go to your BigCommerce Channel (or the Master Channel):

  1. Go to: Menu > All Channels > BigCommerce,

  2. Towards the left of “BigCommerce Channel,” there is a Plus sign

  3. Click on the Plus sign to view its subchannels. Doing so reveals the new Facebook channel we just created, click on this channel and make it your active work channel,


3. Then go to Channel Settings and template

  1. Channel > Channel Settings > Template

  2. Store Automator has a pre-arranged template for Facebook Feeds. Please contact us for the template to be copied to your account. From the drop-down menu find the template you want to use and select it,

  3. Click “Save”.


4. On the same page click on the “Create Feed” button towards the upper right-hand side to create the feed.
5. When the feed file is ready you will receive a notification, which is the bell icon next to StoreAutomator Logo.
6.Click on the button to open the Notifications list and download the feed file. If the feed file is not ready you can click on the update button to manually check if the file is ready to download. Alternatively, if you click History under the Facebook Channel submenu you will be able to see the latest feed files created and you can download them.

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