Connect a BigCommerce V.3 Store

Connect your BigCommerce V.3 Store

If you become a Big Commerce Customer after the end of 2018, you can only get API keys for Version 3 of Big Commerce API.

Connect your Big Commerce Store easily to the StoreAutomator platform and even manage your shopping cart using StoreAutomator’s advanced features.


1. If you currently have an operational Big Commerce store you can proceed to step 2. If not, you should visit your Big Commerce store and create a new API account following the path below:


Big Commerce Advanced Settings > API Accounts > Create API Account


2. Once you create the API Account on your Big Commerce Store get back to your StoreAutomator dashboard and Click “All Channels” on the left-hand corner of the main dashboard

3. Select your Big Commerce Store Channel

4. Go to your Big Commerce Channel>Channel settings>API Connection

5. At this point you need to log into your Big Commerce account and obtain necessary credentials. See How to obtain Big Commerce Credentials, below.

6. Enter Store Hash: Big Commerce provides API Path as your Store Hash Code. You will see the Store Hash in the below format:


In this format "kl28jKd3w5o" is your store hash. Trim all extraneous information and paste only this code to this text box in StoreAutomator,

6. Enter your Client ID,

7. Enter your Access Token and click save,

8. When you are done with that, your store will be connected to StoreAutomator.


How to obtain Big Commerce Credentials

  • Log into your Big Commerce account as the store owner to create API accounts. Go to Advanced SettingsAPI Accounts and click Create API Account. Select whether the new account is a V2/V3 API token or a Stencil-CLI token, used in theme customization.

  • Add StoreAutomator as your integrator to the textbox,

  • Make sure to save API path; this information will be entered in SA API settings,

  • Next choose OAuth Scope you want to provide to StoreAutomator. At a minimum, SA needs the following permissions: Content, Orders, Store information and shipping methods,

  • Click Save to issue permissions,

  • The next page contains the API keys issued by Big Commerce; copy and paste Store Hash, Client ID and Access token to StoreAutomator Big Commerce API Connection settings page,

  • Also save this information in a secure place for further use,

  • Click Close to close the dialog box and return back to Store API accounts.

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