How to Use and Understand the Template Preview

Using StoreAutomator’s Template Preview feature will help you to see the custom fields that have been populated in your templates and also identify any missing data for products in your catalog.

To preview the templates, you can either use the quick action menu to access it by clicking “Three dot icon>Preview Template”. This will direct you to see the fields for the specific product selected.

Or, you can go to “Settings>Template” and click the preview icon to search for the SKU you want to preview.

Labels for the Template Fields

Each label represents a certain requirement for the mapped field.

Has Replacements: You can see this label in the template, if you entered any replacements to send the certain values different than the mapped field contains.


Skip Empty: If you set the “Skip Empty” from the “Advanced Field Mapping” for the mapped field, StoreAutomator skips the mapped field in the product data feed if it is empty.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When building the xml templates, you should select this field to avoid upcoming errors from the marketplaces. Because, if the mapped field is empty and this is not selected, SA sends the field as empty to the marketplace.

When you preview the related SKU, you will see the mapped field is empty or has data in it.

Repeat: If you have mapped array type fields into the templates, you will see the “Repeat” label to identify the array type fields.

Required: If the field is marked as required, you can see this label on the preview.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the field is required and you don’t provide the data for the mapped field, you will receive the product data errors.

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