How to Solve Walmart Error Code ERR_OFF_2014


This error message means that you have Product ID and SKU ID issues. 


To resolve these you should update both Product ID and SKU. This is best completed in 2 stages:

  1. First update “Walmart-productidupdate” custom field and fill as “yes”, Product ID as “yes” and “Walmart-skuupdate” custom field should be "none". Then;
  2. “Walmart-skuupdate” custom field update will be “yes”, “Walmart-productidupdate” update will be “none”.

The update has to be sent to Walmart in two phases. 

  1. First you should export both “Walmart-productidupdate” and “Walmart-skuupdate”
  2. Fill the headers in Excel as “Yes” for Product ID and “_None_” to SKU or opposite and upload to SA.

FInally, if you now proceed with a full product data update, this issue will be resolved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This method is only available for Walmart 3 users or if the product is not listed on Walmart yet. You cannot use this SKU-Product ID update method for an existing product.

How to fix Walmart Product ID Update-SKU Update Errors

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