Walmart - Shipping Override via Templates

StoreAutomator allows you to assign Shipping Templates to your products on Walmart Marketplace. For example, you may want to use the "Two Day Shipping" template for products priced up to $50 and the "PT Default Shipping Temp" template for products priced over $50, as shown in the image below. Follow the steps below to easily manage this in StoreAutomator.

To get started, go to Setting > Templates > Find your Walmart Template > Click on edit button under Actions tab

Template editor will appear. Click on “Add Field” button located on the top right side.

Click on “Continue with a manual target field”

To achieve the desired outcome as shown in the picture below, you need to fill in the Walmart Target Field as "ShipPrice.ShippingTemplateName". Select "Manual" as the Source Field type, and enter the following formula: "If({Product.ActualPrice.LessThan(50)},Two Day Shipping,PT Default Shipping Temp)".

Once you have entered the formula, click "Ok" to save your changes. This will ensure that the appropriate shipping template is assigned to your products based on their price range. The "If" function in the formula checks the price of the product and assigns the "Two Day Shipping" template if the price is less than $50, and the "PT Default Shipping Temp" template if the price is $50 or more.

After making changes, do not forget to click on the "Save & Close" button to save the changes.

By using this feature in StoreAutomator, you can easily manage your products' shipping options on Walmart Marketplace and ensure that your customers receive the appropriate shipping options based on the price of the product. This feature is a great way to streamline your Walmart Marketplace operations and provide your customers with a consistent and reliable shipping experience.

Important note: The shipping template names you enter in the formula must be exactly the same as your actual shipping template names. Otherwise, your products will generate errors. To find out your shipping template names, go to Walmart > Channel > Channel Settings > Shipping and check the Shipping Template drop-down list as shown in the image below.

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