StreetPricer Integration

StreetPricer is a repricer platform that can be easily integrated with StoreAutomator. 

To be able to connect and start sending feed to your StreetPrice account, please follow the steps as below.

1- Create a Generic Feed channel in StoreAutomator. To do that, 

  • Go to All Channels and then click on Manage Your Channels.


  • Click on “Add Channel” located on top right of the screen and choose the Generic Feed one which is under Non Sales channel.


  •  Make sure to select the “Channel” radio button. Then you can choose your Currency and Language and hit the “Create” button.


  1. The second step is to add some products into that channel.
  2. Create a template and add all the necessary fields that you need to pull from Storeautomator such as Min and Max prices and SKUs.
  • Go Settings > Templates> Click “Add Template” and select the Generic Feed Template



  1. Assign the template to your new channel


Please note that the template name of “Amazon Min and Max Prices StreetPricer” in the above screenshot is just an example. In your case, the name that you chose for your template will appear there.

  1. Sending Feeds to StreetPricer
  • Enable Public Feed option under the Channel>Channel Settings> Common 

With enabling Public Feed, the public url will be shown underneath the enable switch. You can copy the url and provide it to the StreetPricer, so they can get the feed via this link.


  • You can also create the feed from the channel and you can send the spreadsheet to StreetPricer by email. To create a feed manually, go to your Generic Feed Channel> Channel Products> Click “Create Feed Now'' which is located at the top right of the screen. 


The file will be uploaded in your notifications where you can download from. Note: In this spreadsheet, you will be only seeing the fields that you are sending through the generic template.


  • Another way to send the feed file to StreetPricer is to connect the channel via FTP. So, you can automatically send the feed to StreetPricer via FTP server. Go to Channel>Channel Settings>FTP Connection and fill out the necessary fields as you see the screenshot below and click the “Save” button at the lower right side of the screen.

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