Integrating AIMS360 with StoreAutomator for Enhanced Omni-Channel Order Management


AIMS360 apparel software is a robust omni-channel solution designed to optimize order management across various sales channels, including popular platforms like Shopify. It acts as a centralized hub, enabling seamless processing of orders from any source. This solution is particularly beneficial for leading fashion brands that operate both online and in-store, as it simplifies the management of diverse sales operations.


StoreAutomator Integration
StoreAutomator has an API integration with AIMS360 that allows data transfer from AIMS360 to StoreAutomator. TThis integration is crucial for businesses using StoreAutomator as their primary marketplace management tool. It allows for the retrieval of data from AIMS360 and the distribution of all or customized product data across different marketplaces via StoreAutomator.You can schedule data updates at your convenience ensuring timely and accurate data across platforms.

Getting Started with Integration


   1- Channel Setup

    • Log in to your StoreAutomator account
    • Navigate to "All channels" in the StoreAutomator interface.
    • Click on “Manage your channels” and then “Add Channel.”
    • Search for AIMS, select the AIMS360 channel, and click “+Create.”
    • Enter a name for your channel and finalize creation.

  2- Connection Settings

  • After channel creation, you’ll be directed to the Connection settings page.
  • Utilize the credentials provided to the AIMS team (email and password) to connect via API.
  • Fill in the required fields and click 'Save' to establish the connection.

3- Data Exchange (DX) Channel Creation:

  • Go to Tools > DX channels.
  • Click on “Add DX Channel,” select “Import channel,” and click “+Create.”
  • Assign a name for your DX channel.
  • After creation, click the settings icon, select “Import Channel,” and choose the AIMS360 channel created earlier.
  • Select your import mode (update only, create only, or both) and save your settings.

Type a name for your channel and click “+Create”.


4. Data Synchronization

  • In the “Data Exchange” settings, activate the sync button to start importing data from AIMS360.
  • Optionally, enable the daily schedule switch to set the frequency of data import.

Next Steps

Inform your onboarding manager about the specific fields you wish to import from AIMS360, and ensure access to AIMS360 API fields and the testing environment is available. 

Your setup is now ready to efficiently manage your omni-channel operation through StoreAutomator.

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