Create a Category


1. The manage categories feature can be found by clicking the plus sign that appears to the right of the word ‘Inventory’ to expand the navigation pane,

2. With the navigation panel expanded, the word ‘Categories’ can be selected,

3. To enable editing, the file tree must be unlocked by placing a checkmark in the box next to the words ‘Unlock Tree’ as shown in the screenshot below,

4. Create the first level of categories by clicking ‘New Taxonomy,’

5. Each new tier/taxonomy created should be treated as a new ‘set of categories’ and given a unique name.

6. Sub-categories are created by highlighting the main category and then clicking the ‘Create’ button.


This will open a new tier of the taxonomy section with another new field (or sub-category) ready to be named. This new field/category will appear as a subsection of the first field/category named

Additional categories and/or sub-categories can be added at any time by revisiting this screen.

7. Once a category is created, additional information can be added by selecting the category name and clicking on the edit button:

There are four (4) tabs presented on this page. From the main tab, the Category Name and a Code (if applicable) can be entered.

From the second tab, associated category images can be added by either dragging and dropping the files into place, clicking to browse images on a hard drive, or by entering the URL of the image to be used.

The third tab contains an easy to use text editor for constructing the category description.


The fourth and final tab provides an area to set the Metadata for the selected category page.


Note: Be sure to ‘Save & Close’ when all fields are complete. Instructions for adding products to categories can be found in the chapter titled ‘Manually Entering a New Product.’ Repeat the steps above to enter all categories needed for the products in this channel.

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