Additions to Import History section for DX Channel

Additions to Import History section

In StoreAutomator you can see your upload history by navigating to: Tools>Import>Import History, as shown in the image below:

Import History has four tabs that you can use:

  1. My Imports - files you have imported
  2. Other User Imports - files another user has imported
  3. System Imports - will show you all FTP or SFTP type imports from DX channels. These are automatic imports based on how they have been set up in their respective DX channel types. Here you can see the DX channel type, feed status, user that initiated the feed, number of items in the feed, feed id (if applicable), number of errors, successes warnings and actions for downloading, the source file, transformed file, the result report and deleting the import line. Please refer to this article for more information regarding how to create DX channels, their respective types and how they function.
  4. All Imports - all of the above

There is a search function inherent to all import history tabs that will help you search for a  filename in the list. You can also filter the channel types by clicking on the “All Channels” textbox and select the channel type.

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