Export Kit Contents

StoreAutomator provides a convenient feature to export Kit contents as a CSV file, allowing users to access information related to the kit's components. However, it is important to note that modifying and re-uploading the exported CSV file is not supported within StoreAutomator.


Exporting Kit Contents:

  1. Navigate to the Inventory section and click on "Products", and select the Kit SKU(s) for which you want to export the Kit contents.

  1. Once you have selected the desired Kit SKU(s), click on the “Export” button and select “Kit Contents”

  1. StoreAutomator will generate a CSV file containing the Kit content for the selected SKU(s). The file will include columns such as "kitcontents.sku," "title," "kit_item_sku," "kit_item_quantity," and "kit_item_bom_quantity" to provide relevant information about the Kit components.Download the related CSV file from the Notifications located on the top right corner.


Understanding the Exported CSV File:

  1. kitcontents.sku: This column represents the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of the Kit.
  2. title: The "title" column displays the title or name of the Kit.
  3. kit_item_sku: This column contains the SKUs of the individual items/components included in the Kit.
  4. kit_item_quantity: The "kit_item_quantity" column indicates the quantity of each component within the Kit.
  5. kit_item_bom_quantity: This column represents the Bill of Materials (BOM) quantity of each component.

Exporting Kit Contents as a CSV file in StoreAutomator provides you with valuable information about the SKUs, titles, quantities, and BOM quantities of the Kit and its components. However, it is important to remember that modifying and re-uploading the exported CSV file is not permitted for managing Kits.

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