Dry Run Mode for Channel Updates

Channel Updates Dry Run Mode

StoreAutomator has a dry run mode for channel updates, that will produce feed files and show them in the Channel>History section. Please note that these feeds are only shown in the feeds section but they are not sent to the channel. This is applicable for XML and Flat file feed Marketplace type channels (Amazon and Walmart), so this feature is not available for those channels working with .JSON type feeds (e.g.: ebay, Mirakl), generic type feed channels and all Shopping Carts (e.g.: shopify, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce).

To initiate a dry run feed, select the applicable items, click on three dots and click on the Dry run button, as shown in the picture below.


In the next screen select the update type and click Run button.

Feed will be created and listed in the Channel>History section. The dry run feeds will be denoted clearly in their feed names and the Feed ID column, also the status of the feed will be displayed; see picture below, in this case the feed created had a StoreAutomator error.

To view the feed contents, click on the show button that looks like an eye

In this case the feed created has the error “Please assign a template”. To send a successful feed please fix all the errors and repeat the steps to send a feed successfully.

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