Exporting Including Channels

Exporting Including Channels

In StoreAutomator, you can export your items and see which channels they are included in. In the file you export, the channel name you have assigned will be presented. Below is a sample format showing that the product “Testsku1” is included in the Amazon US, Walmart US and Etsy. 

To export this information, please follow the steps below.

First, select the items that you want to export using the tick box beside each product or select all and click the export button and hit “Custom”

From the Custom Export Selector, either you can scroll down the Information and find Including Channels to select, or you can type it on the search bar, and you can find it easily. 


After selecting the fields you require, click “Export” button and, when completed, the file will show in the notification center where you can download it. 

Note: Information fields are “read-only” which means that you cannot use this format for updating those fields’ data.

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