How to Personalize Your Product Table

How to personalize your product table 

You can personalize your product table according to your preferences. 

If you would like to display any product data fields on your product table, please select the fields by simply clicking the “Choose Columns button” on the right hand side of the table. When you click any of the fields, it will be added as a new, separate column on your product page and the fields under the Choose Column button will turn to blue, which indicates that it has been selected and added. To remove the columns, follow the same steps - you just need to click on those selected fields and they will turn white to indicate that the field is not selected and so will now be added to the view.

To find specific fields, you can either type in the search bar or scroll down the list. 

Also, beside the main data, you can display your custom fields, which are listed towards the end of the list. 

As an example how it will look after selecting the fields, please see below screenshots. Note that the view does not end at the Quantity - anything you selectwill be displayed but the screenshots just shows a partial view. 


  • All fields that you selected from the Choose Column popup will be displayed on the product table.
  • You can  rearrange the columns on the table according to your needs.
  • You just need to left-click on the name of column you would like to move and hold & drag it to the left or right. 


  • Status column will be display by default, however it can be moved on the product table.
  • The customization will be visible only on your specific user profile. Each user can customize their own product table depending on their needs.

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