How to Solve eBay Error Code 21916587

Error Code 21916587 "Missing name in the variation specifics or variation specifics set."

This error code means that eBay sees that some shared attributes are filled out on some products, but that not all of the shared attributes are completed for all products in the variation relationship.

Most common issues:

- Not all products in the group have variation specifics (this could be MPN, style e.g.). Variation specifics can be different depending on the category you are trying to list.

New eBay Item Specifics

- Not all products have their important values provided e.g. color, size etc


You can map the missing variation specific to the product’s category and send product data update to all variation listings to solve the issue.

How to Set Item Specifics for eBay from Product Level

How to Set Item Specifics for eBay from Channel Mappings

After mapping the missing fields, select all parent-variations, send product data update and sync the channel.



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