How to Solve Walmart Error Code ERR_EXT_DATA_0101128

This error means that you are using invalid barcodes for your products. This can be caused by invalid product id types as well. You should consider that UPCs are 12 digits, EANs are 13.


Update your product ids by overriding in channel level or changing in inventory level.

1- Click edit product.


2- Find “Product ID Override - Product ID Type Override” and update your product id.


3- Select the product and send product data update to the channel.


4- Sync the channel from the top left.


Above instructions are also valid for the inventory level.

You can also update multiple products by bulk action.

1- Select the products and go to “Export>Export Overrides>Custom Overrides”


2- Select “Product ID and Product Id Type” from the Identity tab.


3- Update the product ids and types and import the file back into the StoreAutomator.


4- Send product data update and sync the channel.

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