Skubana Kit Creation Through StoreAutomator

Skubana Kit Creation with StoreAutomator

You can send the kits you have in StoreAutmator to Skubana, without any additional data entry effort. This way, the kits will be automatically created in Skubana and so you will not have to spend time creating your kits on Skubana. 

Here is the procedure:

1. First, you must have your Skubana channel created

-Skubana is a regular channel, so you need to add it to your channels, click here to read the article on how to add a channel.

2. Include all relevant master SKUs and KIT SKUs in the channel.

3. Adjust your settings as follows:

-Go to Channel>channel settings>Common>Sync Tab and turn on product creation and product updates

-Enable product data, price, or quantity updates as needed

-Go to Channel>channel settings>Common>General Tab and turn on the Sync switch

4. And hit channel sync

That’s it. StoreAutomator will send any changes and additions to the Skubana Channel. Our API connection with Skubana allows us to communicate kit information in great detail, so just make sure to include all details in StoreAutomator.


Tips and Tricks

Kit creation: When creating kits in StoreAutomator, make sure to create kits correctly as, once a kit is created, you will not be allowed to change its contents, quantities or add/delete products from the kit. This is in alignment with Skubana’s requirement that a kits’ contents cannot be edited through their API connection. Skubana will allow you to change kit contents through their UI so just log into Skubana, find the kit product and you can edit the included SKUs or their quantities.

Kit in Storeautomator and a kit in Skubana - essentially different from each other, but have the same SKU and title. If you update this product from StoreAutomator, the old kit data will be sent to Skubana, overriding the changes you have made from the Skubana IU panel. To prevent this, there is a switch added to your Skubana settings called “Update Product Kit Data”; make sure this is set to the “disabled” position to stop sending further kit data updates. You can locate this switch in Skubana Channel>Channel Settings>Skubana Settings.



There are also further settings that prevent StoreAutomator from sending item location, warehouse cost and item category to Skubana. These settings help you not to override and corrupt the data you have entered into Skubana. 


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