How to Enable-Disable Price Update for Specific Products

You can individually enable or disable price updates for a specific product and by using this, you don’t need to disable or enable quantity update in channel settings for all channels. 

You can use this feature either via the StoreAutomator UI or with bulk action - see below for instructions.

Option 1 - Via SA UI:

There are two ways to enable or disable price update in the SA UI.

1- Select the relevant products and click “Three dot icon>Price Update>Disable or Enable”.



2- Click the edit icon (below) of the relevant product and then either disable or enable price update switch from the “General” tab.



Option 2 - Via Bulk Action:

1- Select the product and go to “Export>Export Overrides>Custom Overrides…”


2- Select the “Enable Price Update” from the identity tab and click export.


3- Download the file from the “Notifications” from the top right.


4- Use one of the valid values for the “enable_price_update” column.

For Enabling: “yes” or “true”

For Disabling: “no” or “false”


5- Upload the file back into StoreAutomator.


If you disabled price update for the specific SKU, you will see the label of that action under the product’s name when displaying in SA UI.


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