How to Delete All Target Audiences from StoreAutomator for Selected Items

You can delete all “target audiences” with the new feature on StoreAutomator. This is useful if you have more than 10 target audiences and want to limit them to the max of 10. Most marketplaces, like Amazon, have limitations on tag fields so merging extra target audiences is also helpful for the listing management.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have more than 10 target audiences or other tags (bullet points, target audience, e.g) in SA and want to combine them with less than 10 target audiences, first you need to delete them before uploading new target audiences into SA. 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Select the products that you want to delete their target audiences and go to “Export Inventory>Custom…”


2. Export “Target Audience 1” from the Tags section.


3. Download the file from the “Notifications”


4. Type the valid value “_DELETE_ALL_” into the target_audience_1 column for all the SKUs.


Exporting only one target audience field is enough to delete all target audiences after entering the valid value. Therefore, you don’t need to export all target audiences of your products.

5. Upload the file back into the StoreAutomator.


After uploading the file, related products’ target audiences will be deleted. After deleting all target audiences, you can export all target audiences and adjust them as less than 10 target audiences.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before using this action, please export all target audiences of your products. Because this action will delete all target audiences.

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